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Updated: November 11, am. Among many things, Ms. Rhode Island legislators failed to correct the statute and simply removed it from the books. Inan attorney noticed the loophole and between indoor sex work was in fact decriminalized. Researchers have looked into this unintended experiment and, contrary to what Ms.

Grace would have you believe, found some startlingly positive. Around the world human rights advocates, researchers, and even the World Health Organization have pointed to the Rhode Island experiment in their advocacy for the full decriminalization of sex work. Right now there is a bill in Rhode Island proposing a closer study of the data, and research from around the world, to see which legal framework for prostitution best promotes health and safety.

New Zealand fully decriminalized adult consensual prostitution inand studies consistently show a dramatic reduction in human trafficking, violence and exploitation within the sex industry. Grace, and many like her, were exploited in an obviously abusive relationship.

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We do not need to police adults who engage in consensual prostitution. Contrary to what Ms. Grace believes, all kinds of people do sex work. Some feel exploited and unhappy. We know what black markets do to economies. Pimps, like bootleggers and dangerous cartels, thrive in the black market. In order to empower sex workers and put coercive pimps out of business we need the full decriminalization of adult consensual prostitution. The people advocating for the full decriminalization of sex work are human rights advocates and sex workers themselves.

The ebb and flow of decisions will shift depending on which party and which people are in power.

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It can lead to unpredictable policy outcomes. All the more reason to invest and protect those programs which serve our population efficiently and effectively. What may come as a surprise to many is that anti-masking, anti-vaccine school protests across the state and the country are not as spontaneous as they seem. The Washington Post has reported that the….

As we experience an ongoing increase of patients in need of hospital care here in New Hampshire, both …. One side of the debate believes that public schools serve society while the ot….

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Tonight Cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. Low 41F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Another View. Tuesday, November 09, Roger Sevigny: We must protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage.

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Monday, November 08, Follow the money. Sunday, November 07, Friday, November 05, Steve Ahnen: Your local hospital needs your help. Thursday, November 04, Martin E. Pelletier: A compromise on vaccine and masks mandates.

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Wednesday, November 03, Tuesday, November 02, Brendan W. Williams: We are losing sight of the facts and drowning in politics. Dan Waszkowski: Recklessly endangering access to healthcare during the pandemic. Monday, November 01, Most Popular. Dan Waszkowski: Recklessly endangering access to healthcare during the pandemic Liz Tentarelli: Such blatant gerrymandering must be opposed Roger Sevigny: We must protect and strengthen Medicare Advantage Steve Duprey and Andru Volinsky: Now, perhaps more than ever, civic engagement matters Rep.

William Foster: You have a right to claim a religious exemption to vaccine mandate.

New Hampshire Sluts

Letters to the Editor. Letter: I asked Shaheen to assure rights of protesters are respected Letter: Democrats best ally COVID could have asked for Letter: Bill to nanny Big Tech will only harm consumers Letter: Downtown Manchester is no place to stage a marathon Letter: Eisner will stick up for women and Derry's public schools Letter: Don't neglect coverage of girls high school sports Letter: Look past the language and try to see the real issues Letter: Is patriotism being taught in New Hampshire schools?

Letter: Wake up New Hampshire, this train is off the rails Letter: Half truths are never even half of the truth. Submit Letter to the Editor. Union Leader Newsletters. Yes No. NH Yes No. ZIP:

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